One of our many initiatives within Gamecock Connection is Taking Carolina Home. Through Taking Carolina Home, Gamecock Connection members can request to return to their high schools and share their USC student experience. 

Members will traditionally request to visit their high school during USC breaks (such as Fall Break or Spring Break). The Gamecock Connection advisor will coordinate with suggested guidance counselors and/or staff to request the student to conduct a small presentation focused on their student experience. Students may discuss highlights such as their academic major, on-campus activities or campus resources they have utilized. 

All members of Gamecock Connection who opt to participate in this program are trained to discuss and share their individual student experience. They will come prepared with admissions materials, a customized PowerPoint presentation in addition to an enthusiastic attitude for USC. 


A Note to College Counselors Participating in Taking Carolina Home:


Please note that members of Gamecock Connection are student volunteers that have been trained and prepared to answer questions regarding the student experience. These students are not qualified to comment on admissions-related questions.


For questions regarding USC admissions or scholarships, please seek guidance from your assigned admissions representative. 

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